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Growing civic pride in Otley

Recycling plants at the allotment

Posted by sstanwell on October 24, 2015

This week a few volunteers did some work at the Otley in Bloom allotment.  Here's what they said about it:

Had a good morning in the wind at the allotment - much tidier, weed free and things potted up. Nice cup of coffee at waitrose after to reward ourselves. 

A few of us tidied up the allotment this morning, weeded, planted up spare barrier plants etc.  There are primulas, heuchera, grasses, small trees, shrubs, geraniums and many more, they are there for recycling, using around town when we need replacements. Thanks to Edie, Evelyn, Leonie and Jacquie for helping and sharing a nice social afterwards at Waitrose.