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Growing civic pride in Otley

Bremner Street corner

Posted by billa on May 12, 2019

Bremner Street corner was tidied up again this weekend12/5/19.  The condition of the corner was pretty good. Not too much litter, (thanks Otley), only about a litter bag full.

The majority of the work was to clear the name of the road, weed at the front of the corner and trim back those bushes which were growing onto the pavement.  Behind the front bushes there was a bit of scrubbing up of small plants and a discussion on what to do with the laurels in the midst and the opportunity to plant another fine tree at the rear. 

Lovely weather with small birds singing their hearts out.  Thanks to everyone for turning up and helping.


 we put out new bird boxes in the winter and that is one of the reasons the birds were singing






Bremner Street corner got a tidy 19/7/17


Eleven people (must be a record) turned out on Sunday morning to help tidy up the garden at Bremner Street, opposite Asda.  We litter picked, pruned, weeded, and added a few colourful plants to the front to cheer up passing motorists.